Cooling Tower Chemicals

Cooling Tower Chemicals

Antiscalant Chemical

This chemical is useful to prevent corrosion, scales and non-biological fouling in the cooling towers. The special composition in our Anti- scalant chemicals acts against common foulants and scalants like calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate, strontium sulfate, calcium fluoride, iron, colloidal material, silica and other organic/inorganic contaminants. The advantages of using our anti-scalant chemical is,
Advantages: Compatible with nanofiltration (NF) membranes. Maintain a cleaner membrane surface by dispersing particulate foulants from the cooling tower. The systems can be run at higher recovery rates hence the operating costs reduces. Effective over a wide pH range.

Cooling Tower Chemicals

We offer a range of cooling water tower chemicals. These chemicals will play a crucial role in the maintenance and working of the cooling water tower. Upon using them, it will minimize the cost of ownership. Also, the environmental impacts due to cooling water tower will be reduced upon using our chemicals. The list of our cooling water tower chemicals are as follows:

Descalant Chemical

Upon using this, the scales formed in the heating and cooling tower can be prevented. It is used to prevent the lime-scales formed on the metal surfaces that encounters the hot water. Our descalants are acidic in nature,it reacts with carbonates that form scales.Even though acidic, it doesn’t corrode the metal surfaces. Thus, these are used for a tougher and faster cleaning of the surfaces.

Algaecide Chemical

Our algaecide chemicals are necessary to controlalgae bloom in cooling towers. In case of algae outbreak, the flow rate in the cooling water tower lowers and the efficiency of the cooling water tower reduces. It alsocauses unnecessary collection of contaminated water.

Corrosion Remover Chemical

Our corrosion inhibitor chemicalreduces the corrosion rate in the cooling water tower system. There are various factors through which corrosion can occur in the cooling water tower.