List of QC Equipment’s

List of QC Equipment's

Equipment Tag. No. Capacity
GC GCQC-001 GC with 21 CFR complies software
pH meter PHQC-0015 Digital pl meter with daily calibration
Melting Point Apparatus MPQC-001 Temperature range 2°C above room temperature up to 300°C
Load Analyzer LODQC-001 0,001gm to 40gm
Weighing Balance WBQC-001 0,001gm to 300gm
Desiccator DCQC-001 Fill the desiccators with freshly activated desiccant
Vacuum Tray Dryer VTDQC-001 The temperature should not be more than+ 2°C for temperatures 50°C, 100°C and 150°C

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